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Could Words Be The Reason Why Your House Isn’t Selling?

Headline: Words Matter. Would you agree? Could your listing agent be using the wrong words?

It is a proven fact that people buy houses out of emotion. A potential buyer will buy a house that they can envision living in and making their memories.

Establish an Emotional Connection 

When potential buyers establish an emotional connection to your home, consider it sold!


Have you ever read house listing descriptions online and thought, meh?

It told you the basics of what you needed to know, but it did not impress you. It did not leave you feeling compelled to want to see it or buy it.

Your real estate agent's job is to ensure that when a potential buyer reads your listing on all marketing materials, the words invoke emotion. 

Those words should draw them in so deep that they can not only imagine themselves living there, but they can smell the flowers on the front lawn.

The words you use to sell your house are either working for you or against you.

Who Will Write the Ad that Sells Your House? 

We have written thousands of real estate ads. 

Only a fraction of agents worldwide has unique licensing to access rights to a leading-edge software program to create ads and other materials to present properties in the best light possible and attract more buyers. 

We write or approve every ad, every flyer, every website, for every property – including yours.

Let’s consider this simple example: Our home has a Backyard with Mountain Views.

Adding just one word makes a significant difference, and there are over 200 descriptive words to choose from to put in front of mountain views.

  • Tranquil Mountain Views
  • Private Mountain Views
  • Breathtaking Mountain Views

Different descriptive words attract different types of buyers. Each buyer is prepared to pay a different price.  Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty By Gupta Group has perfected this art and will put it to work for you to sell your home for the most money. 

The Word Wizard Behind the Curtain

The word wizard software we use to craft the perfect listing description was developed five years ago. 

It is a program worth over $250,000, and We are one of only a few agents paying licensing fees to use it.

Fortune 500 companies willingly and eagerly pay big bucks to have Ad Copy Professionals write the ads that create demand for their services or products. 

Now you can have the same professional level of experience working for you when we market your house for sale. 

To find out how much you can sell your house for and how long it will take, call us at 408 740 7400 for more information. 

We love talking to people!

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