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How To Find Real Estate Agents Who Support Local Charities

How to Find Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents are trained only to buy and sell homes. But there's one local agent who thinks differently.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-By Gupta Group stands out. We're not just about business; we serve big and give back. This year, we aim to raise $1 Million To Help Our Communities. If you want a part of your home sale proceeds to benefit a good cause, you'll fit right in with us.

Understanding Our “Go Serve Big” Mission as Real Estate Agents

Years ago, Todd Proctor, our CEO, had a motto: “Go Sell Big!” It motivated the team, but something changed one evening. Deep in thought and prayer, he realized that selling homes wasn't the only focus. We must prioritize people: the buyer, the seller, coworkers, teams, families, and friends. That epiphany birthed the new motto: “Go Serve Big!” This belief isn't just a catchphrase. It's our core value, echoing throughout our business culture.

How Your Referrals Fuel Community Support

We don't seek clients for mere transactions. We aim for lasting relationships. You're not only buying or selling a home by working with us. You're joining a mission to impact lives. And when you introduce people to our team, it amplifies our mission. Every referral lets us serve and give more. Every agent on our team fully commits to this vision. We believe: when you prioritize others, you always move forward.

Know Someone Eyeing for a Home?

Have friends or family thinking of diving into real estate? Guide them to us. They'll not only receive stellar service but also contribute to a cause. And if you know someone ready to make a move, direct them to our page. Or better yet, they can ring us up at 408 740 7400.

In advance, we appreciate every referral. Together, let's make a difference, Go Serve Big!

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