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Helping People on Dependent Visas to Succeed in their Careers in the US with ‘Career Pathway Institute’ Video

Career Pathway Institute on Non Profit Stories

‘Career Pathway Institute' – Silicon Valley's Outreach for Assistance:

Career Pathway Institute is a strong, supportive community of working professionals and business leaders who can relate to the problems and frustrations of internationals. They have been there, know how hard it was, and are ready to share their knowledge and resources to support others. CPI organizes career workshops, panel discussions with working professionals and hiring managers, career fairs, career coaching, and more. They partner with other local and global nonprofits, sharing resources and empowering internationals, helping them on every step of their career journey, from identifying who they want to be to when they sign their first job offer or open their own business.

America’s Dependent Visa Holder Problem:

  • There are an estimated 2.3 million dependent visa holders in the United States
  • 20% of dependent visa holders report experiencing discrimination, compared to 10% of US citizens and permanent residents
  • 20% of dependent visa holders develop a mental health condition due to discrimination and social isolation
  • The economic burden of mental illness among dependent visa holders is estimated to be $38 billion per year

* Data cited from internet sources and may not be 100% updated

Career Pathway Institute's Mission:

The mission of Career Pathway Institute is to equip dependent visa holders with the necessary tools and resources and provide support from navigating their career pathways to achieving professional goals.

About the Guest:

Kate Khatseyeva started her professional journey as a Human Resources Business Partner at a global IT company in Belarus. Her career trajectory shifted after relocating to the US from Mexico in 2019, where she developed a passion for leadership coaching. This led her to assume a significant role as the President of the Board of Directors for CCIS at Stanford. Beyond this, Kate founded the Career Pathway Institute (CPI) in Silicon Valley, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting those grappling with career and identity challenges. She also lends her expertise as Stanford's United Nations Association Film Festival Juror. Kate now calls San Francisco home, where she lives with her husband and beloved dog, Josefina.

In this Episode:

This episode highlights the hurdles skilled individuals face on dependent visas, from career interruptions to identity loss. Kate's insights were instrumental in shaping CPI, which now serves as a guiding light for those keen on reviving their US careers. Through fostering a strong community and sharing success stories, CPI remains dedicated to guiding individuals to achieve professional success. Listen and learn how the institute, born from Kate's vision and experiences, provides comprehensive career coaching, networking events, and many resources for dependent visa holders in the U.S.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, I found not just dreams but the strength to chase them.” – Kate Khatseyeva

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“You are not a burden; you are an asset. Don't let visa restrictions define your worth or your journey.” – Kate Khatseyeva

Show Notes:

  • About Career Pathway Institute and their lifeline for those seeking to rebuild their careers in the US.
  • How volunteering can open doors, from brewing coffee at Stanford's CCIS to leadership roles and community building
  • Uncovering the challenges those on dependent visas face, from career gaps to lost professional identities
  • How to navigate career challenges as an immigrant in the U.S.
  • A firsthand experience of adapting to new cultures, from Mexico to Silicon Valley, and the importance of breaking out of your comfort zone
  • Career Pathway Institute's mission is to be that supportive community for many and to recognize the crucial role of community in personal and professional development
  • About how challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth and how CPI embraces the message that “everyone is an asset, not a burden”
  • How the Community Committee for International Students at Stanford inspired the creation of a broader, supportive community
  • The challenges of juggling multiple languages and the journey to express oneself confidently in a new language
  • About the beliefs that our environment, especially the people around us, plays a pivotal role in personal and professional growth

“Every day is a choice between building your dream life or quitting. And let me tell you, I'm not a quitter.” – Kate Khatseyeva

Links Mentioned:

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If you are on a Dependent Visa and need help, Contact Career Pathway Institute:

Address: 2108 N ST STE N SACRAMENTO, California, 95816
Email: careerpathwayinstitute@gmail.com

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