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Farm Animal Rescue: Rancho Roben Rescues’ Fight to Save Animals in Silicon Valley Video

In This Episode:

In Silicon Valley, shelters grapple with high intakes of rescued animals, exceeding 10,000 annually, and lagging adoption rates, leading to overcrowding. Coupled with an average medical care cost of $500 per animal and a 20% vacancy rate among veterinary professionals, these factors pose significant challenges to providing timely, quality care.

Farm Animal Rescues Problems Of Silicon Valley

  • High Intake Numbers vs. Adoption Rates: Despite Silicon Valley's resources, local shelters experience a high intake of rescued animals, with numbers exceeding 10,000 annually, but adoption rates fail to keep pace, leading to overcrowded conditions.
  • Medical Care Costs for Rescued Animals: The cost of providing medical care for rescued animals in Silicon Valley averages $500 per animal, posing a significant financial challenge for non-profit rescue organizations.
  • Veterinary Staff Shortages: A 20% vacancy rate for veterinary professionals in Silicon Valley shelters impacts the quality and timeliness of care for rescued animals.

"Animal rescues are vital now, especially in Silicon Valley, because they provide emotional relief to people in distress."

About Matt Roben:

Matt Roben's journey from a 25-year career as a circus artist to a bicycle patrol officer with the Chicago Police Department showcases his diverse talents. At 40, he pivoted again to animal welfare after rescuing three chickens with his wife. This led them to establish Rancho Roben Rescues in San Jose, their hometown, transforming it into a 12-acre sanctuary for nearly 200 animals. Beyond his sanctuary work, Matt is a professional benefit auctioneer and an active Rotary Club of San Jose member.

"Every animal that moves in with us stays there forever. We are its forever home."

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to Matt Roben and Rancho Roben Rescues: Discover how a simple decision to adopt three chickens led Matt Roben to start Rancho Roben Rescues, transforming his life from urban living to managing a farm animal sanctuary. 
  • The Origin of Rancho Roben Rescues: Learn about the unexpected circumstances that inspired Matt to begin his journey into animal rescue, starting from adopting chickens to eventually running a sanctuary with 192 animals. 
  • Career Transition to Animal Rescue: Matt discusses his fascinating career shift from a circus performer and acrobatic bicyclist to law enforcement, and finally to founding and operating an animal rescue. 
  • Daily Challenges of Running an Animal Rescue: Gain insights into the unpredictability and constant challenges faced in managing a large animal sanctuary, from veterinary emergencies to daily care routines. 
  • Veterinary Care at the Sanctuary: Understand the logistics of providing medical care for a variety of animals, including how Matt and his wife, a pediatric emergency doctor, handle minor veterinary tasks themselves. 
  • Role of Matt's Previous Careers in Managing the Sanctuary: Matt reflects on how skills from his previous jobs as a performer and police officer helped him in the dynamic environment of animal rescue. 
  • The Impact of Livestock Guardian Dogs: Explore the crucial role of livestock guardian dogs in protecting the sanctuary’s residents and ensuring the safety of a diverse array of farm animals. 
  • Community Engagement and Education: Matt discusses how Rancho Roben Rescues serves as an educational resource for the community, offering tours and opportunities to learn about sustainable farming and animal care. 
  • Future Goals for Rancho Roben Rescues: Delve into Matt’s vision for the future of the sanctuary, focusing on expansion, sustainable practices, and continuing to provide a forever home for rescue animals. 
  • The Joy and Rewards of Animal Rescue: Hear Matt share the personal fulfillment and daily joy he experiences through his work at the sanctuary, emphasizing the emotional connections formed with the animals.

"I love helping people. And as an entertainer, I felt like I was taking people out of their world and into a kind of magical, joyful moment."

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"Matt's path from circus performer to police officer to animal rescue founder shows how varied experiences can inspire a dedicated mission to animal care. His commitment is truly inspiring."

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