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Nonprofit Management: Tailored Consulting Services for Nonprofits in Silicon Valley Video

In This Episode:

In Silicon Valley, Donor-Advised Funds soared to $78.6 billion, highlighting a trend toward delayed philanthropy. Nonprofits face significant fraud risks, prompting adopting protective measures like Positive Pay. Guidestar exemplifies financial health through revenue diversification, covering 90% of its costs via service fees, suggesting a sustainable model for nonprofits.

NonProfit Management Problems Of Silicon Valley

  • Growth of Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs): Silicon Valley's DAFs grew from $33.6 billion to $78.6 billion, showcasing a shift towards “parked” philanthropy, in which donors control when their gifts are distributed to nonprofits.
  • Check and ACH Fraud Threats: Nonprofits facing $18 billion in U.S. check fraud losses must use advanced security, like Positive Pay, to reduce risk.
  • Revenue Stream Development: Guidance for nonprofits to diversify income and earn revenue, as GuideStar did by funding 90% of its operations from fees, showcases a solid strategy for financial health.

"Once you lose your tax-exempt status, then your donations are not deductible, and your donors cannot take that off their tax returns."

About Anne Davis East:

Anne Davis East, with over 30 years in nonprofit management, is the CEO of Davis East Consulting. She specializes in nonprofit compliance, board development, ethics training, and strategic planning. She's active on several boards, focusing on community development and assisting underserved youth. Her affiliations include notable organizations like the National Association of Business Women and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Anne earned a BS from William Woods University and an MS in Elementary Education from Lesley University.

"The biggest non-compliance issue is failing to register, which can lead to severe legal issues and complaints to the attorney general if audited."

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to Davis East Consulting—Learn about Davis East Consulting's origins and what motivated Anne to focus on helping nonprofits regain their tax-exempt status. 
  • The Impact of the Patriots Act on Nonprofits – Anne discusses how post-9/11 legislation affected thousands of nonprofits, leading to the loss of their tax-exempt status and how her consultancy responded. 
  • Challenges of Nonprofit Management in Silicon Valley – Explore the unique management challenges that nonprofits face in the Silicon Valley area, including compliance with evolving regulations. 
  • Common Compliance Issues – Anne highlights the most frequent noncompliance issues encountered by nonprofits, particularly the implications of not being properly registered. 
  • Strategic Nonprofit Management – Learn about Anne’s strategic approach to managing nonprofits, from compliance checks to registration renewals and adjusting organizational processes. 
  • Changes in Nonprofit Compliance – Discussion on how state and federal legislative changes affect nonprofit operations, particularly in California. 
  • The Role of Professional Fundraisers – Understanding the critical role and legal considerations of professional fundraisers in nonprofit organizations. 
  • Board Development and Management – Anne stresses the importance of board development and its critical financial role in nonprofit management. 
  • Ethics and Compliance Training – The significance of ongoing ethics and compliance training for nonprofit boards and staff to avoid financial mismanagement. 
  • Technology and Nonprofit Management – Insight into the role of technology in modern nonprofit management, including social media policies and the importance of keeping up-to-date with digital trends.

"Nonprofits need to be aware of all the intricacies of state and federal regulations. They can't just focus on doing good; they also have to comply with the law."

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"Anne's expertise in navigating the complexities of nonprofit compliance is truly remarkable. Her dedication to ensuring organizations stay on the right side of the law is invaluable."

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