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Inspiring Future Generations through Ballet with ‘San José Dance Theatre’ Video

‘San José Dance Theatre’ – Silicon Valley's Outreach for Assistance:

San José Dance Theatre was founded in 1964 as Paul E. Curtis Jr.’s Los Gatos Academy of Dance and the West Valley Ballet Foundation. The name was later changed to San José Dance Theatre in 1965 and incorporated as a nonprofit educational organization. For more than 58 years, SJDT has specialized in classical ballet training for children from four years of age to the advanced pre-professional level. Many SJDT alumni have gone on to prominent University and Conservatory programs and successful careers in dance. 

SJDT has delighted local audiences for five decades with performances including Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty. In December 2023, SJDT will celebrate its 58th annual production of The Original San Jose Nutcracker at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

America’s Ballet Theatre Problem:

  • Declining Audience Attendance: A 14 % decline in seats sold, a 17 % reduction in paid capacity, and an 8 % drop in revenue per performance.
  • Regional Theatres Closing: Last year, 20% of regional theaters had closed. This represents a loss of over 100 theaters.
  • Competition: Ballet theaters face competition from other forms of entertainment, such as digital media, which divert attention and funding away from live performances.

* Data cited from internet sources and may not be 100% updated

San José Dance Theatre’s Mission:

San José Dance Theatre promotes the positive impact of dance in Silicon Valley through accessible performances, excellent training, creative outreach, and collaboration across the arts. They strive to illuminate the human experience while enriching an appreciation of movement and music to an expanding and diverse audience. SJDT value and maintain excellence in classical ballet and contemporary dance training in our school, pre-professional programs, and professional ballet company, providing innovative opportunities for dancers of all levels. Lastly, they seek to engage our community through collaboration with artists, arts organizations, government, and private sectors. 

About the Guest:

Elizabeth Sweeney began her dance training under the Royal Academy of Dance. She then began training under Paul Curtis and Shawn Stuart at the San José Dance Theatre. With their guidance, she performed in The Nutcracker from eight to seventeen. While dancing at the San José Dance Theatre under Robert Kelley’s direction, she was allowed to participate in Regional Dance America. She then danced at the former San Jose Cleveland Ballet School under the direction of Denis Nahat before continuing to University. She Graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BA in Dance. Lastly, she is TESOL certified and taught English in Beijing, China, before returning home to become an insurance professional. Elizabeth has taught dance and has been a rehearsal assistant for SJDT since she joined the board of directors.

"Dance is more than movement; it's discipline, teamwork, and timeliness."

In this Episode:

In the upcoming episode, listeners can anticipate a captivating journey through the history and future aspirations of San José Dance Theatre, a renowned ballet institution. Through engaging anecdotes, Executive Director Elizabeth provides a delightful peek into the organization's roots, tracing its evolution from a humble dance academy to a revered nonprofit. Discover the heartwarming story of how the iconic Nutcracker became a cherished tradition in America while gaining insights into the organization's commitment to making ballet accessible to all, fostering young talents, and forging collaborations with the broader arts community. Join the conversation to explore San José Dance Theatre's vision for the next three to five years, promising an inspiring episode filled with passion, purpose, and a love for the arts.

"We unite under a shared love of ballet, passing down the legacy of family through generations."

Show Notes:

  • History of San José Dance Theatre: from its inception in 1964 as a small dance academy to its current status as a revered nonprofit organization
  • The enchanting story behind the iconic Nutcracker and how it became integral to SJDT's identity
  • SJDT's commitment to accessibility, providing scholarships and opportunities to young dancers from diverse backgrounds
  • Insights into the financial challenges faced by SJDT and their creative approach to fundraising, including COVID-era adaptations
  • Elizabeth's journey from a young dance enthusiast to the Executive Director of San José Dance Theatre
  • Learn productions that resonate with the public, including upcoming shows like Dracula, The Great Gatsby, and The Little Mermaid
  • How  San José Dance Theatre's commitment to accessibility extends to its efforts to reach schools and diverse communities
  • Gain valuable nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs, emphasizing the need to remain true to their core mission and values
  • How the organization's professional dance company has expanded its artistic offerings and collaborations
  • Understanding the role of brand awareness in nonprofit success and the importance of clear mission communication
  • A sneak peek into the organization's vision for the next three to five years, with a focus on making ballet and the arts more accessible to a broader audience
  • Delve into competing with other dance schools and maintaining the organization's unique identity

"Art is not just about Hollywood blockbusters; it's the ballet, the opera, the theater that enriches our culture."

If you are interested in joining Ballet, Contact San José Dance Theatre:

Address: 1756 Junction Ave. Suite E San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 286-9905

Email: godance@sjdt.org

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