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Pool Inspections: Uncovering Hidden Issues During Home Purchase in Silicon Valley Video

In This Episode:

Pool inspections are essential in real estate but often need to catch up. Data indicates up to 30% of hidden pool problems go unnoticed, risking financial burden for buyers. Wide-ranging inspection costs create uncertainty, with 45% of buyers expressing dissatisfaction. Standardizing pool inspections is crucial to boost trust and protect investments.

Pool Inspection Challenges during Home Buying in Silicon Valley

  • Incomplete Findings: Current pool inspections can miss up to 30% of hidden problems, such as structural issues or equipment malfunctions, putting buyers at financial risk.
  • Varied Costs: The cost of pool inspections varies widely, with averages ranging from $500 to $700, leaving buyers needing clarification on the value they receive.
  • Buyer Discontent: A survey reveals that 45% of buyers express dissatisfaction with the accuracy and comprehensiveness of their pool inspections, impacting trust in real estate transactions.

"Older pools tend to be built using older code... so we really got to look for those issues."

About Travis Palser:

Travis Palser, the Vice President of Operations at HomeGuard Incorporated, began his journey in 2014 as a second-generation home inspector. He swiftly obtained ASHI Certification and ICC Certification for residential inspections. In 2018, Travis assumed the role of Project Manager and introduced drone technology for inspections. By 2019, he secured a termite inspector license, earning a promotion to General Manager. As the Vice President of Operations, Travis leads with expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


"The biggest thing with pool negotiations is going to be the cost of repairs... Is the pool usable? And is it safe to have in your backyard, especially if you have children?"

Show Notes:

  • Understanding Pool Inspections: Introduction to why inspecting the pool is critical due to its high cost and maintenance requirements.
  • Safety Concerns: Highlighting the importance of pool safety, especially for children, and the role of inspections in ensuring secure environments.
  • Inspection Components: Exploring key areas and components that are checked during a pool inspection, including barriers, decking, and pool equipment.
  • The Impact of Pool Age: Discussing how the age and maintenance history of a pool can affect the inspection process and identifying potential safety updates needed in older pools.
  • Essential Safety Features: Details on specific safety features inspectors look for, such as pool covers, fencing, and alarm systems on doors and windows accessing the pool area.
  • Common Pool Problems: Identifying signs that indicate pool issues, such as rapid water level drops, unlevel surfaces, or unusually green surrounding grass indicating potential leaks.
  • Maintenance Tips: Sharing expert advice on maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of a pool, including regular cleaning and ensuring proper water circulation.
  • Role of ASHE Standards: Explanation of how the American Society for Home Inspectors (ASHE) standards guide pool inspections and what inspectors focus on according to these standards.
  • Long-Term Pool Care: Advice on the importance of regular professional inspections and maintenance post-purchase to keep the pool in optimal condition.
  • Closing Thoughts: Summarizing the significance of thorough pool inspections in real estate transactions and the potential impact on property value and buyer satisfaction.

"If we have older pool equipment, we have to run it, right? We want to make sure it works, functions, and we need to observe it running, make sure there's no leaks."

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"Having Travis Palser on the show truly opened our eyes to the silent, yet pervasive threat of termites. His expertise not only demystifies termite behavior but empowers homeowners with the knowledge to protect their greatest asset. Travis's passion for his field is both inspiring and infectious, making termite inspections seem less like a chore and more like a crucial step in home maintenance."

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