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Clean Water: The Silicon Valley Initiative for Maasai Community Video

In This Episode:

In the Maasai community of Kenya, over 70% lack access to clean water sources within 5 kilometers, leading to a high incidence of waterborne diseases. This health crisis results in a substantial number of early childhood deaths. Additionally, the daily burden of water collection, taking 3-4 hours, reduces girls' school attendance by 40% and causes significant economic losses, estimated at 20% of potential income.

Clean Water Access Problems of the Maasai Community:

  • Limited Clean Water Access: More than 70% of the Maasai community lacks access to clean water sources within a 5km radius
  • High Waterborne Disease Incidence: Waterborne diseases account for approximately 80% of reported health issues in the Maasai community,
  • Educational and Economic Impact: The daily struggle to collect water results in a 40% reduction in school attendance for girls and an estimated loss of 20% of potential income.

"Our mission is to provide clean water close to villages, empowering women and allowing girls to attend school."

About Sabore Oyie:

Sabore Oyie, a Maasai warrior and elder from Kenya, was the first in his village to graduate high school after living as a warrior. He's fluent in Maa, English, and Kiswahili and serves as a Cultural Ambassador for Kenya. As an elder, he's instrumental in forming new warrior age groups. He founded the Oldonyo Orasha Water Project and Sabore's Well, which installed two water wells and began an elementary school, currently teaching 98 students with expansion plans. In 2023, Sabore's Well joined Trash Punx for Project Pickup, a global cleanup initiative that collected 31,000 pounds of trash in Ewaso Ngiro, Kenya, and enhanced local waste management efforts.

"Clean water has significantly reduced waterborne diseases in our communities."

Show Notes:

  • Exploring Kenya's Rich Culture and Tourism: The guest, a cultural ambassador for Kenya, discusses the country’s deep culture, stunning beaches along the Indian Ocean, and vibrant tourism, including the unique Swahili culture on the coast. 
  • Kenya’s Wildlife and National Parks: The ambassador highlights Kenya’s national parks like Amboseli, Savo West, and Savo East, and the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. He emphasizes the spectacular wildlife migration and the coexistence of the Maasai tribe with wild animals. 
  • The Maasai Tribe and the Big Five: A deep dive into the Maasai Mara's wildlife, focusing on the “Big Five” – rhinos, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and lions. The ambassador also sheds light on the Maasai tribe's rich culture and their harmonious living with wildlife. 
  • Ideal Time to Visit Kenya: The ambassador recommends visiting Kenya between mid-June to October for the best experience, including witnessing the active wildlife migration and enjoying the pleasant climate. 
  • Sabore’s Well Initiative: The guest shares his inspiration behind founding Sabore’s Well, driven by the challenges faced by Maasai women in accessing water, and how this initiative has transformed the community. 
  • Transformative Impact of Clean Water Access: The conversation delves into how access to clean water has drastically reduced waterborne diseases and empowered women and children in the Maasai community. 
  • Education and Empowerment of Maasai Girls: The guest discusses the significant impact of clean water access on girls' education in the Maasai community, enabling them to attend school and pursue their dreams. 
  • Cultural Shifts and Education: Insight into how educating girls is changing cultural perceptions and practices in the Maasai community, emphasizing the long-term benefits of education for girls. 
  • Role of Blue Planet Network: The guest explains the role of the Blue Planet Network in supporting Sabore’s Well, highlighting their partnership and how it helped in successfully drilling wells. 
  • Maasai Traditions and Modern Initiatives: The ambassador discusses balancing traditional Maasai practices with modern initiatives, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cultural identity while embracing progress and change.

"My vision for the Maasai community is simple: access to clean water and education for all."

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“We're privileged to host Sabore, a remarkable leader whose passion for Kenya's heritage and commitment to his community through Sabore's Well exemplifies true cultural and social impact.”

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