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To be the best place to work, buy and sell real estate

Core Purpose

To positively impact people through second mile service, innovative systems and charitable giving

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Elevating The Lifestyles

Sharad Gupta - Broker Owner

Sharad Gupta is a real estate broker & entrepreneur who dominates Bay Area's real estate market. As the leading creator of TradeMyHome.com, Gupta is known for his meticulous approach. As a founding member of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, he excels in completing quick sales. With extensive experience, he has built a strong reputation for securing favorable deals for his clients. His empathetic approach to real estate fostered a robust local network. This network consists of dependable buyers, sellers, investors and other real estate professionals.

Five Core Values

5 Core Value Commitments of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - TradeMyHome

Community Involvement

Sharad Gupta realtor, while not handling real estate, stands out for his profound community involvement. As a producer and host of the Non-Profit Stories podcast, Sharad amplifies crucial social causes. His leadership as the president of his neighborhood association showcases his commitment to local development. Furthermore, his active role in the Rotary Club of San Jose exemplifies his dedication to wider community service. Significantly, his brokerage echoes this spirit by donating a portion of its income to various community causes, reinforcing their collective commitment to societal betterment.

Podcast Host

Sharad Gupta, as a podcast host, skillfully explores non-profit stories and real estate IQ, offering insightful, engaging narratives that enlighten and inspire listeners.


Sharad Gupta, a seasoned industry expert, offers a wealth of knowledge as a speaker on real estate. His extensive experience brings a unique perspective to current market trends, investment strategies, and property management. Sharad's ability to articulate complex real estate concepts in an accessible manner makes him an invaluable resource for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. His presentations are not only informative but also engaging, blending real-world examples with actionable advice. Sharad's commitment to excellence and passion for real estate shine through in every talk, making him a sought-after speaker in the field.

Topics Sharad Speaks on

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The landscape of California real estate law is continually evolving, presenting a complex web of challenges and opportunities for homeowners, landlords, and investors alike. The latest legislative changes reflect California's response to pressing issues such as housing affordability, tenant rights, environmental concerns, and the impact of technological advancements in property management. 

These laws aim to balance the diverse interests of various stakeholders, from protecting homeowner equity to ensuring fair rental practices and encouraging sustainable development. This introduction will explore the most recent legal updates, their implications, and how they are reshaping the interactions and strategies of homeowners, landlords, and investors in California's dynamic real estate market.

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The California real estate market, known for its dynamic and influential nature, offers a fascinating study of trends and patterns. This market, a bellwether for national real estate dynamics, is shaped by a unique blend of economic forces, demographic shifts, and technological innovations. Factors such as the tech industry's growth, urbanization, and the state's environmental policies play pivotal roles.

Additionally, California's diverse geography, from bustling cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to serene coastal towns, adds layers of complexity. This introduction delves into these multifaceted trends, offering insights into how they shape the ever-evolving landscape of California's real estate market.

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During this engaging session, you will gain access to invaluable insights, real-world case studies, and actionable strategies that can empower you to excel in the competitive real estate market. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding entrepreneur, Sharad will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in finding, fixing, and flipping houses for profit. 

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Discover the path to financial abundance. In this transformative presentation, you'll delve into the world of real estate investment with a focus on wealth creation. Uncover the secrets, strategies, and proven methods employed by successful millionaire investors. Learn the intricacies of property selection, financing, and growth, providing you with a blueprint for achieving millionaire status in the lucrative realm of real estate. 

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Unlock the power of tax-deferred wealth building. This presentation is your key to understanding the intricacies of this powerful tax strategy. I will demystify the Section 1031 exchange process, allowing you to preserve your capital gains, defer taxes, and reinvest in new properties wisely.

This event will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to optimize your real estate investments while navigating the IRS regulations confidently. 

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In this eye-opening presentation, you'll gain access to insider knowledge that real estate agents often keep hidden. Sharad Gupta will share valuable insights into unique investment opportunities, unconventional strategies, and little-known tips that can set you on a path to financial prosperity. Whether you're a novice or seasoned investor, this event will empower you with the confidential information needed to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the real estate market.

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In this comprehensive presentation, Sharad dives deep into the calculations that drive successful real estate investments. Discover how to evaluate properties, assess risk, calculate returns, and make informed investment decisions with confidence. Sharad will demystify complex formulas, equipping you with the mathematical toolkit necessary to maximize profits and mitigate risks in the real estate market. 

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In this presentation, Sharad delves into the critical aspects of successful rental property investment. Learn how to discover lucrative deals, secure financing that makes sense, and master the art of wise property management. Sharad will equip you with practical strategies, insider tips, and essential knowledge. Don't miss this opportunity to pave your way to profitable rental property ownership and achieve financial success through smart and informed decisions in the real estate market.”

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Buying your first home is a significant milestone, and it's crucial to navigate the process wisely. Sharad will reveal common mistakes and pitfalls that first-time homebuyers often encounter. Learn how to dodge these obstacles, make informed decisions, and secure your dream home without unnecessary stress or financial setbacks.

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Navigating divorce can be complex, especially when it comes to your home, mortgage, and taxes. Sharad will provide essential insights on handling property division, mortgages, and tax implications during divorce proceedings. Learn how to protect your financial interests, make informed decisions, and emerge from this life transition with confidence. Whether you're contemplating divorce, in the midst of it, or a professional assisting clients, this event is a vital resource for securing your financial future.

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Real estate transactions are fraught with potential pitfalls, but Sharad will guide you through the legal intricacies, helping you sidestep common errors. Learn about contract pitfalls, title issues, disclosure requirements, and more. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned seller, this presentation ensures you're well-informed and legally savvy. Avoid costly missteps and safeguard your real estate endeavors. 

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Selling your cherished family home can be emotional and daunting, but Sharad will provide guidance on making the process smooth and profitable. Learn about downsizing strategies, market timing, home staging, and navigating the emotional aspects of parting with your nest. Whether you're downsizing, relocating, or just exploring your options, this event equips you with the knowledge and confidence to successfully sell your beloved home. Prepare for a new chapter in life with the wisdom and insights shared in this invaluable presentation

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In this empowering presentation, you'll discover the secrets to successfully navigating the real estate market independently. Sharad will guide you through the entire process, from pricing your home right to negotiating deals like a pro. By learning the ins and outs of selling your own home, you'll not only save on hefty commissions but also gain a deeper understanding of the real estate world. Don't miss this opportunity to maximize your profits and take charge of your home sale journey!

Upcoming Book

Real Estate Success for Immigrants: A Five-Step Framework” by Sharad Gupta is an essential guide for immigrants looking to navigate the complexities of the U.S. real estate market. Drawing on his extensive experience and personal journey, Gupta offers a clear, actionable blueprint for building a prosperous future through real estate investment. This book demystifies the process, addressing immigrants' common challenges and providing practical strategies to overcome them. It's more than just a manual; it's a source of inspiration and empowerment for immigrants aspiring to create a lasting legacy and secure financial stability for future generations and coming to market in Summer of 2024.

Real Estate Expertise

As a Realtor, Sharad Gupta's genuine attitude gains clients' trust, making him a prominent Bay Area entrepreneur. His company's trademark, “Your Home Sold Guaranteed, or We'll Buy It!” highlights his professional confidence. Furthermore, it demonstrates his ability to secure profitable, quick, and convenient deals. Moreover, he and his team embrace the motto, “We Don't Sell Homes; We Change Lives,” and speak various languages.

Expertise includes managing tax-deferred exchanges, divorce sales, and trust and probate sales. Additionally, first-time home buying, luxury sales, swift foreclosures, and relocation sales are covered.

His innovative approach, attention to detail, and compassionate attitude have made his brokerage a Bay Area real estate market leader. He provides various real estate options for diverse clients, guaranteeing optimal deals. His dedication to community and transparency demonstrates his values and professional integrity.

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