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Fundraising for Non-Profits: Six-Figure Fundraising in Silicon Valley Video

In This Episode:

Silicon Valley's non-profit landscape is marked by intense competition and technological challenges. With over 2,000 registered organizations, only 10% manage to secure the majority of grants and donations, highlighting a fierce battle for funding. Compounding this issue is that 40% of these non-profits, despite being in a renowned tech hub, need more resources or expertise to utilize digital tools for fundraising and engaging donors effectively. Additionally, around 60% rely on a single funding source, significantly heightening their risk of financial instability.

Non-Profit Fundraising Problems in Silicon Valley:

  • Competition for Funding: In Silicon Valley, over 2,000 registered non-profits fiercely compete for funding, with just 10% securing most grants and donations.
  • Challenges in Adopting Technology for Fundraising: Despite their tech hub location, 40% of Silicon Valley non-profits need more resources or expertise for effective digital fundraising and donor engagement.
  • Lack of Diversified Funding Sources: Approximately 60% of Silicon Valley non-profits rely on a single funding source, increasing their vulnerability to financial instability.

“Have a strategy for before, during, and after the event so you can have measurable results and make it scalable and repeatable.”

About Dee Dee Kiesow:

Dee Dee Kiesow is a non-profit Executive Director with 30+ years of experience in fundraising and community engagement. She uses her passion for enrolling donors by inspiring joyful giving to elevate and transform those in need. Dee Dee excels in fund development, strategic partnerships, vision and engagement, board mentorship, and developing pathways to bring grassroots to greatness. Working on a regional and national scale, Dee Dee possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in leading both the complex day-to-day operations of an organization as well as guiding its vision, growth, and financial reserves. Dee Dee is also a benefit auctioneer and raises tens of millions for numerous organizations using her Six Figure Fundraising Framework®. She holds a B.A. in Radio/TV Journalism from San Jose State University.  Her speaking engagements range from keynotes to numerous college lectures inspiring young adults to consider careers in the non-profit sector.

“You never run out of inventory regarding goodwill and what you can do for others.”

Show Notes:

  • Background of Dee Dee Kiesow: A fifth-generation Santa Clara Valley native with a history in fundraising and community development, starting from their time at San Jose State University. 
  • Transition to Nonprofit Development: The guest shares their journey from being a top salesperson to starting several nonprofits, influenced by the concept of unlimited ‘inventory' in goodwill and community service. 
  • Unique Fundraising Approach: Describes a non-fearful, fit-based approach to fundraising, comparing it to the different attitudes of ‘Chicken Little' and ‘Paul Revere'. 
  • Six-Figure Fundraising Framework: A detailed explanation of a proven fundraising method developed from 20+ years of experience, focusing on ideating outcomes, strategic partnerships, and donor development. 
  • Balancing ROI and Donor Experience: The importance of balancing financial return and donor experience in fundraising events, emphasizing efficient spending and impactful donor engagement. 
  • Emphasis on Donor Appreciation: Discusses the crucial role of donor appreciation in maintaining long-term relationships, likening donors to beloved family members. 
  • Elements of Successful Fundraising Events: Insights on creating fundraising events that satisfy donors, including understanding donor profiles, focusing on storytelling, and providing diverse giving opportunities. 
  • Monetize Your Minutes Concept: Explains a three-step process for maximizing fundraising efficiency by detailed planning, strategic execution, and post-event analysis. 
  • Ensuring Event Scalability and Repetition: Strategies for making fundraising events repeatable and scalable, focusing on choosing the right person for money requests and authentic representation of the cause. 
  • Maximizing Lifetime Donor Value and Organizational Buy-In: Discusses strategies for increasing lifetime donor value and ensuring all organization members are aligned with fundraising approaches.

“The return on investment will bring you lots of money, but the return on experience will turn those donors into evangelists.”

Connect with Dee Dee Kiesow:

If you’re interested in becoming a Six-Figure Fundraiser with mindset and skills transfer training for professional development, contact Dee Dee Kiesow:

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“Dee Dee's innovative approach transforms fundraising, turning donors into community builders, not just funders.”

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